Keeping Your Family Safe: A Guide on How to Store Your Gun Safely at Home

Guns are necessary for many people for different reasons, such as hunting, recreation, or self-defense. Whatever the reason may be, we must ensure that we store guns safely at home to avoid unwanted accidents. According to a study, almost two-thirds of gun-related incidents happen in the household because of poorly stored guns. As a responsible gun owner, you must keep your firearm in a safe place that is out of reach from children and unauthorized individuals. In this post, we will give you some crucial tips on how to store your gun safely at home.

Invest in a Gun Safe

The first essential step in storing your gun safely at home is to invest in a reliable gun safe. A gun safe is designed to be secure, and it prevents unauthorized access to your firearms, ensuring the safety of your family. It’s best to choose a gun safe that is built from durable materials and can withstand fire, flood, and other natural disasters. You can also look for a safe that has a biometric lock or combination lock that will give only you access to it.

Unload Your Gun

Before storing your firearm, always make sure that it is unloaded. Remove the magazine and check if there are still bullets cycled in the chamber. Accidentally firing your gun can be avoided if your firearm is not loaded. After checking your gun, store the bullets in a separate container and in a different location from the gun.

Choose A Suitable Location for Your Safe

Get a perfect location for your gun safe. Always avoid placing it in areas where children and other unauthorized persons can gain access quickly. Consider installing it in a private room, in your closet or basement. Apart from placing it in a hidden spot, you can bolt it to the floor or wall for additional security.

Teach Your Family and Household Members Gun Safety

Teaching your family about gun safety is of utmost importance. Train them about the safe handling and usage of firearms, and if they’re not old enough to use them, parents must teach them to stay away from guns and the gun safe. Let them know that guns are not toys and are dangerous. Always remind your family to stay away from unsafe handling and to seek an older family member’s assistance when necessary.

Keep Your Safe Locked

Merely having a gun safe is not enough; always ensure to lock it after storing the gun in it. You can also use an additional lock to secure it even further. If you have guests or when the kids have friends staying over, make sure to double-check the gun safe’s security to avoid unwanted accidents.


Owing a gun comes with a great responsibility for the owner. In summary, your family’s or other people’s safety must always remain top priority. Always equip yourself with sufficient knowledge of gun safety and ensure your firearm is safely stored. Remember always to keep it away from kids and anyone who’s not authorized. By following these simple yet effective methods, you can guarantee that your gun is secure even when nobody is at home.

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