Safety Measures for Carrying Guns on Boats

Owning a gun for protection while on a boat can give you peace of mind when exploring remote locations or facing potential threats at sea. However, it is crucial to exercise safety measures to prevent accidents while carrying guns on boats. Boats are unstable platforms, and the presence of firearms makes them even more dangerous in case of accidental discharge. In this article, we’ll explore safety tips for carrying guns on boats to help you stay secure and enjoy your time on the water.

Invest in proper gun safety equipment

Boats have more swaying and rocking than land, so securing firearms while on board is essential. Investing in gun safety equipment like gun locks, holsters, or cases can help prevent accidental discharges. Ensure that you get a holster that fits your gun adequately to avoid your gun to fall off while moving through the water.

Carry a minimal amount of ammunition

Ammunition is heavy to carry, takes up space, and can also cause an accident if not stored correctly. It’s vital to carry the minimum amount of ammunition that will help you achieve your intended purpose. For example, if you’re carrying a handgun for self-defense, avoid carrying more than what you can manage safely.

Enroll in gun safety and handling classes

If you’re new to owning a firearm or have never placed a gun on a boat, it’s crucial to enroll in gun safety and handling courses. You can also hire a professional instructor to teach you how to handle guns on water safely. Gun safety classes cover the basics of firearm safety, storage, and handling on boats.

Follow local, state, and federal gun laws

Boating laws vary across states, with different rules surrounding who can carry a gun and what type of gun you can carry onboard. Before you embark on your boat journey, research all the laws surrounding carrying guns on boats for that particular location and abide by them. Failing to follow the laws around gun safety and carrying a firearm on a boat can lead to hefty fines or incarceration.

Keep guns in gun safes or gun lockers

When you’re not using your firearm, keep it locked in a safe or gun locker on your boat. This will ensure that your gun cannot fall into the wrong hands, thus ensuring safety. Keep the key to your gun safe or locker safe and ensure you have control over it at all times.


Owning a gun onboard a boat can be fun and add an extra layer of security, but it is crucial to prioritize safety measures. Use secure gun storage, minimal ammunition, invest in gun safety equipment, follow local laws around carrying firearms on boats, and enroll in gun safety and handling classes before embarking on your journey. Staying prepared and cautious while carrying firearms on a boat is a responsible and safe approach that guarantees an enjoyable experience while exploring the open waters.

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