The ABCs of Storing Your Ammo Safely

Well-organized ammo storage is crucial for any gun owner. The proper storage of ammunition is vital because it can reduce the risk of accidents and preserve the lifespan of your ammo. Unfortunately, some people overlook the importance of storing their ammo properly, which can lead to catastrophic incidents. In this blog post, we will give you a detailed guide on storing your ammunition safely. Keep on reading to make sure you’re well-equipped with the proper methods of ammo storage.

Home Storage

Ammunition storage starts with choosing a suitable location in your home. This should be a cool and dry place with low humidity levels. It should also be a place where children and unauthorized individuals cannot access. Gun safes are an excellent choice for storing your firearms and ammunition as they provide a high level of security and are durable. If you don’t have the resources to invest in a gun safe, you can use a lockable cabinet that is close to the ground, reducing the risk of the cabinet toppling over.

Proper Ammon Container

A proper ammo container is another essential aspect of ammo storage. The ammo container should be waterproof with a good seal to prevent moisture from seeping in. Using airtight containers helps reduce humidity, which can corrode the cases and lead the primer to degrade. A good option would be to use military surplus ammo cans. These cans are durable, and waterproof, have a secure latch, and can store a considerable amount of ammunition, both loose or boxed.

Type of Ammo

The location and container alone will not ensure the safety of your ammunition. You must consider the type of ammo. Some types of ammunition are more prone to damage and degradation than others. For example, ammunition that contains lead bullets corrodes faster than copper-clad bullets. Corrosion can reduce the accuracy and ballistic performance of the ammunition. Therefore, it is essential to inspect the ammunition regularly and discard any corroded or damaged rounds to avoid accidental firing.

Ammo Labeling

Proper labeling and organization of your ammunition can also help you keep track of your supply. Labeling the ammo cans or boxes with the caliber, date, and manufacturer will help you identify each can easily. Keeping an inventory of your ammo also helps keep track of how much you have, and how much you need to restock.


In conclusion, ammunition storage is a crucial aspect of gun ownership. A well-organized and safe ammo storage can go a long way in preventing accidental firing, prolonging the lifespan of your ammunition and keeping your inventory in check. Remember to store your ammo containers in a cool and dry place, choose a waterproof container, inspect your ammo regularly, and label and organize your inventory. Following these steps will ensure the longevity and safety of your ammunition while maintaining your peace of mind.

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