Your Guide to Long-Term Ammo Storage

Ammunition is a valuable asset for those who own firearms, but it also needs to be stored safely and securely. Proper storage is essential to ensure the longevity of your ammo and prevent accidents. Whether you are a hunter, collector, or firearm enthusiast, long-term ammo storage solutions are crucial. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about long-term ammo storage, including the types of ammo storage solutions available, what you need to consider before storing your ammo, and tips to keep your ammunition in the best condition.

Type of Ammo Storage Solutions

There are several types of ammo storage solutions available. The most common ones are military ammo cans, plastic ammo boxes, steel cabinets, and safes. The military ammo can is the most popular because it is sturdy, durable, and can keep your ammo dry. It comes in different sizes and seals tightly to prevent moisture from entering. Plastic ammo boxes are more affordable and portable, but they are not as durable as metal ammo cans. Steel cabinets and safes are more significant investments, but they offer maximum security and protection from accidental discharge or theft.

Factors to Consider Before Storing Ammo

Before you start storing your ammo, specific factors need to be considered to ensure your ammo remains in good condition. First, environmental factors like humidity, temperature, and light exposure are crucial. It would be best to store your ammo in a cool, dry, and dark place to prevent moisture buildup and exposure to sunlight, which can cause deterioration. Temperature fluctuations can also affect the quality of your ammo, so it is best to avoid storing ammo in garages, attics, or basements that are not climate-controlled.

Another essential consideration is the type of ammo you are storing. Some types of ammo, like rimfire ammo, have a shorter shelf life than centerfire ammo. You should also ensure that your ammo is clean and free of any contaminant as they can speed up the degrading process.

Tips for Long-Term Ammo Storage

To ensure that your ammo remains in optimal condition for extended periods, you need to take necessary precautions. One of the critical things to do is to label your storage containers with essential information like the date of purchase, manufacturer, caliber, and number of rounds. It would also help if you kept a log of your ammo inventory, so you know when it’s time to rotate your ammo.

Another tip is to use desiccant packs to absorb moisture and prevent rust or corrosion. Desiccant packs come in different sizes and can be placed inside your ammo cans or boxes. You can also consider investing in a dehumidifier to maintain the humidity levels in your storage area.


In conclusion, the proper storage of your ammunition is essential to ensure its longevity and keep your firearms safe. When choosing an ammo storage solution, you need to consider factors like the type of ammo you are storing, environmental factors like humidity and temperature, and the level of security required. The tips mentioned above can also help ensure your ammo remains in excellent condition for extended periods. It’s always better to invest in a proper storage solution rather than risk the safety of your family and firearms.

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