10 Tips for Long-Term Ammo Storage

Storing ammunition for an extended period is a daunting task. The slightest error can lead to the deterioration of the bullets’ quality and even render them useless. Therefore, it’s vital to take note of the proper storage procedures to ensure your ammo stays potent over the long haul. This blog aims to cover ten tips for long-term ammo storage.

Keep It Cool and Dry

Ammo storage cabinets should be in cool, dark places with low humidity to preserve their quality. Store the ammunition at a spot where it’s not exposed to direct sunlight or any weather elements that might cause rust and corrosion.

Choose the Right Container

If you’re interested in long-term storage, invest in durable containers. The best storage containers should be made of plastic or metal and be airtight. Use containers that can keep air and moisture out to prevent contamination.

Avoid Mixing Ammunition

Types Different ammunition types have specific storage requirements, so it’s not advisable to mix them up. Mixing ammo types could lead to negative effects such as lower velocities and accuracy. Keep them separate by labeling them and storing them in separate containers or compartments.

Store It Off The Ground

Ammo needs to stay off the floor and be stored on shelves or racks. This not only keeps the storage area neat but also prevents any chances of moisture or flooding affecting the ammunition.

Keep It Organized

Having a well-organized storage system is essential for locating your ammunition and letting you track its storage dates. Label your containers for easy identification and date them so that you keep an eye on the expiration dates.

Store Them In The Original Packaging

If you are buying your bullets in bulk, it’s always wise to keep them in their original package. These packages have specific labeling instructions that will save you time and resources.

Clean Your Ammo Before Storage

Regardless of how clean the ammo was when you purchased it, always run it through a cleaning process before putting it away. This routine ensures the dirt and sweat from your hands that could have affected them won’t lead to damage moments later.

Use No-Pain Storage

Using no-pain storage is a method of packing ammunition without placing too much pressure on it. Packing them under too much pressure can lead to changes in bullet shape and size, causing damage to their quality.

Have a Good Security System

The last thing you need when storing ammunition is unauthorized access. Keep them secure by fortifying your storage area with an alarm and a sturdy door that only you can access.

Check It Frequently

Lastly, checking the storage containers regularly is essential to safeguard the quality of your ammunition. Examine them for any signs of rust, corrosion, or contamination, and ensure that ventilation is adequate.


Proper ammo storage guarantees their quality and saves you resources. Simple things like keeping them cool, organized, and secure can make all the difference. By following these ten tips for long-term ammo storage, you can keep your ammunition potent for years without any effects. Invest in quality containers, label it, and keep it organized, and check it occasionally. With these tips, you’ll never have to worry about expired ammunition again.

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