Ammo Longevity: Understanding the Impact of Proper Care

Are you someone who stores ammunition for an extended period? If yes, then you must know that the ammo needs proper care to maintain its longevity. If you want the bullets to function optimally, you must have an idea about the factors that can affect their durability. In this blog, we will discuss the impact of proper care on ammunition longevity and how it can help you maintain its quality.


Caring for ammunition primarily involves proper storage, handling, and monitoring of environmental conditions. Let’s start with storage. The general rule of thumb is to store ammunition in a cool, dry place that has little or no exposure to humidity, heat, or moisture. The ideal temperature for storing ammo should be between 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit with RH levels below 50%. It is also essential to store bullets in airtight containers to protect them from moisture and keep them away from corrosive chemicals.


Aside from storage, it is also vital to handle ammunition carefully. Handling ammunition, especially in bulk can cause physical damage like scratches or dents that could affect the rounds’ performance. Be sure to handle the ammo gently, and avoid dropping or hitting it against any hard surfaces. In addition, you need to make sure that the rounds are free of contaminants like oil or dirt, which can also damage the bullets.


Another crucial factor in ammo longevity is monitoring environmental conditions. Be aware of the temperature, humidity levels, and even air pressure in the location where your ammunition is stored. Fluctuations in environmental conditions can cause corrosion and compromise the performance of the rounds.


Cleaning your firearm regularly is another way to help protect the longevity of your ammunition. Direct contact with corrosive substances can lead to the deterioration of ammunition at a faster rate. Make sure that the firearm is thoroughly cleaned and lubricated before storing ammo for prolonged periods.

Don’t Mix Ammo

Finally, never mix old and new ammunition or different types of rounds. Using different types of ammunition can lead to irregular and hazardous performance that can cause serious injury. Always stick with the recommended ammunition as stated by the gun manufacturer.


In conclusion, proper care is critical in maintaining the longevity of ammunition. You should store ammo in a cool, dry place, handle it carefully to avoid physical damage, monitor environmental conditions, clean your firearm regularly, and avoid mixing different rounds. Remember that following simple methods can go a long way in ensuring that your ammunition performs flawlessly and lasts for a long time. With proper upkeep, you can be assured that your ammo is ready when you need it.

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