Boat Defense: Why Guns Matter

Having a firearm on board while on a boat might be considered an unconventional idea for some, but it is quite necessary. Even if your boat is equipped with the latest technology, there might still be threats that require more than just a GPS and a radio. It’s crucial to understand why guns matter when it comes to boat defense and how they can help keep you and your passengers safe out on the water.

Protection from Piracy

The thought of piracy might seem like something out of a movie, but it is still an occurrence on the high seas. A lot of times pirates are after valuable cargo, but in some instances, they may go after the boat itself along with those onboard. In such circumstances, guns are essential in defending the boat from an attack. A warning shot could be enough to scare off any potential attackers.


While most wildlife on water is harmless, there are times when you will need a firearm for defense. If your boat is stranded, or you’re forced to take a dip in the water, wildlife such as sharks or alligators could pose a deadly threat. With a gun, you could ward them off until help arrives.

Self Defense

As with any location, threats to your personal safety can occur on a boat. Even out on open water, there is a possibility of being boarded by someone with ill intentions. Having a firearm on board can provide a sense of security and ensure your safety in case of an unwanted assailant.

Emergency Situations

In case of an emergency situation, a firearm can prove useful in signaling for help. When fired, a firearm can attract attention from other nearby boats or the coastguard. With flares being a short-term signaling device, guns can be a viable long-term signaling option as well.

Law and Compliance

A legal firearm on board means compliance with the law instead of a potential law-breaking situation. States such as Alaska require boat owners to carry firearms due to the remote locations and potential dangers. It’s always better to be prepared rather than face legal complications for non-compliance.


While some might argue against carrying firearms on your boat, it’s undeniable that a firearm can provide an added layer of safety and protection for you and your passengers. The responsibility that comes with owning and handling a gun should always be taken seriously, but in the right hands, it can be a prudent investment for boat defense. It’s essential to follow the laws regarding firearms and obtain proper training and permits before hitting the waves. So the next time you hit the water, consider boat defense and why guns matter for a safer sailing experience.

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