Creating a Gun Storage Plan for Your Home

Owning a gun is a big responsibility. As a gun owner, it is essential to ensure that your firearm is securely stored to prevent any accidental discharge or unauthorized access. Choosing a proper storage method for your gun collection is crucial for their safety and security. In this blog post, we will discuss how to create a gun storage plan for your home that best suits your needs.

Evaluate Your Storage Needs

The first step in creating a gun storage plan is to evaluate your storage needs. How many guns do you own, and what types of guns do you have? The size of your gun collection will determine the type of storage that you need. If you own multiple firearms, you may need a larger storage unit like a gun safe. On the other hand, if you have one or two firearms, a smaller gun cabinet or lockbox may suffice.

Choose A Secure Location

Once you’ve determined your storage needs, the next step is to choose a location within your home that is secure. The location should be inaccessible to children and unauthorized persons. A secure location could be a closet, a room, or even a basement. When choosing a location, ensure that there are no flammable materials nearby and that the area is out of direct sunlight.

Invest In A Gun Safe

Investing in a gun safe is an excellent option for gun owners with multiple firearms. A gun safe provides the highest level of security as they are difficult to break into, even for experienced burglars. Gun safes come in a range of sizes, styles, and features, making it easy to find one that suits your budget and storage needs.

Use Trigger Locks Or Cable Locks

For gun owners with only one or two firearms, trigger locks or cable locks are an affordable storage option. These locks prevent anyone from pulling the trigger, making the gun unable to fire. With trigger locks, the lock is installed on the trigger guard, whereas cable locks secure the gun by passing a cable through the chamber and barrel.

Store Ammunition Separately

Lastly, it is important to store ammunition separately from firearms. This adds another layer of security and ensures that anyone without access to ammunition cannot use your firearms. Ammunition should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from any heat sources or direct sunlight.


Creating a gun storage plan is essential for every gun owner. It ensures that your firearms are secure, reducing the risk of accidents and unauthorized access. When creating your gun storage plan, always evaluate your storage needs, choose a secure location, invest in a gun safe (if necessary), use trigger locks or cable locks, and store ammunition separately. Implement these measures to keep your firearms secure and out of harm’s way.

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