The Do’s and Don’ts of Car Gun Storage

Being a gun owner comes with a big responsibility. It is not just about owning a firearm but maintaining it safely and securely. One of the biggest challenges gun owners face is storing their firearms safely inside their cars while on the go. It is essential to take extra precautions when storing guns in vehicles. In this blog post, we will discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of Car Gun Storage and provide you with important tips to ensure your firearm’s safety and security.

DO choose the right holster

The holster is an essential piece of equipment that helps you carry your gun safely. It is important to invest in a holster that fits your firearm perfectly. Choose a holster that covers the trigger guard and secures your firearm to your body to prevent any accidental discharge.

DON’T leave your firearm in plain sight

Leaving your gun in plain sight on the car’s seat or dashboard is never a good idea. It will not only attract potential thieves but also gets you into legal trouble in some states. Always keep your firearm hidden from plain sight in a locked container or safe inside the vehicle.

DO store your firearm in a lockbox

It is a good practice to store your firearm in a lockbox that only you can access. Choose a lockbox that is sturdy and meets the necessary security standards. It provides an additional layer of security to your firearm and prevents unauthorized access.

DON’T store your firearm near the airbag

In the event of a collision, the airbag can cause damage to your firearm. Therefore, it is important to avoid storing your gun near the airbag. Instead, store your firearm in the trunk or another secure location away from the airbag.

DO keep your firearm unloaded

The safest way to transport your firearm inside a vehicle is by keeping it unloaded. This practice not only prevents accidental discharge but also reduces the risk of legal problems. Make sure your firearm’s magazine is empty and the chamber is clear before placing it inside your vehicle.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Car Gun Storage are crucial for every gun owner to ensure the utmost safety and security of their weapon. As a gun owner, you have the responsibility to abide by the state laws and regulations regarding firearms’ transportation. Keeping your firearm safe and secure while on the go requires a little extra effort and precaution, but the end result is worth it. Always remember to choose the right holster, keep your firearm out of sight, store it in a lockbox, avoid the airbag, and keep it unloaded. These simple steps will provide you with peace of mind and ensure your firearm’s safety.

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