Demystifying Ammo Maintenance: Facts vs. Myths

Maintaining your ammunition is essential for ensuring your firearm remains functioning correctly. Misfiring can occur due to improper ammo storage or handling, which can be dangerous, especially during a critical moment of self-defense or target shooting. However, myths and misconceptions about ammo maintenance abound, making it difficult for gun enthusiasts to sort fact from fiction. In this blog post, we’ll demystify ammo maintenance, dispel common myths, and provide you with the facts.

Myth #1: Ammunition has an infinite shelf life

Fact: Ammunition has an expiration date

One of the most significant myths about ammo is that it has an infinite shelf life. Ammo enthusiasts often believe that as long as they store ammo in a dry place, it will last forever. That’s not true. Ammunition can last for a long time, but it has an expiration date. Manufacturers specify the shelf life of ammunition, and if you use ammo past its shelf life, it can be dangerous. You must keep the ammunition in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, to extend its shelf life.

Myth #2: Always oil ammo for storage

Fact: Do not oil ammo, or it will fail

Some gun owners believe that oiling ammo turns out to be an efficient method of preserving ammunition. However, this is a big myth. Oiling ammunition introduces moisture to the rounds, which leads them to perish. Moisture influences the ammunition’s primer, and the primer is what creates the explosion, which means a failure to fire the primer. You can maintain your ammunition by cleaning and oiling your firearms but never oil your ammo.

Myth #3: It’s fine to reload ammunition without following recipes

Fact: Reloading ammunition can be dangerous, and you should always follow precise instructions.

Another big myth is that gun enthusiasts can safely reload ammunition without following detailed recipes. It’s important to know that reloading ammunition can be dangerous if not appropriately done. It needs accuracy and expertise to reload ammunition. If the recipe is not followed appropriately, the firearm may misfire or explode, causing significant damage to yourself or others.

Myth #4: Cleaning firearms daily will make ammo last forever.

Fact: Cleaning your firearms doesn’t always extend the life of ammunition.

Guns owners may have heard that cleaning firearms regularly will reduce wear and tear, making the ammo last forever. Yes, cleaning the firearm is essential, but merely cleaning your firearms doesn’t always mean the ammo will last forever. Also, the high level of solvents and chemicals used to clean firearms can shorten the ammo’s shelf life and make it less reliable.

Myth #5: You can mix ammo of the same caliber without consequences

Fact: Mixing ammunition can be dangerous.

Gun owners may have heard that mixing ammo of the same caliber doesn’t matter. However, this is a dangerous myth. Mixing ammo can cause dangerous misfires or catastrophic malfunctions. Gun enthusiasts should never mix ammo of the same caliber, even if it is of different brands.


For any gun enthusiast, it’s essential to know the facts for maintaining ammunition. Dispelling myths and misconceptions is critical to protect yourself and others. Remember, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions, keep your ammunition dry and always stored at an appropriate temperature, never oil your ammo, follow reloading recipes with precision, clean your firearm correctly, and never mix ammo of the same caliber. With these facts, you can keep yourself and others safe while enjoying your favorite sport.

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