Essential Items Your Gun Range Bag Should Always Have

Shooting at the gun range is fun, but it can also be stressful if you forget some essential items at home. To avoid such instances, you need to pack a range bag with all the necessary items you need. Whether you are an experienced shooter or a beginner, carrying a range bag is a must-have accessory when going to the shooting range. In this article, we will highlight some of the essential items your gun range bag should always have to make your shooting experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Ear and Eye Protection

Ear and eye protection should top your pack list since they are vital for your safety when shooting. When gunshots go off, they are usually loud, and without ear protection, you risk damaging your hearing. A good pair of earplugs or over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones is an investment that is worth the cost. Eye protection, such as shooting glasses, shields, or goggles, is also important in keeping your eyes from flying particles and debris.


When going to the range, you should carry enough ammunition depending on how long you will be shooting and the amount of practice rounds you plan to do. Before going to the range, ensure you know the type of ammunition your firearm requires. When packing the ammo in your range bag, ensure you separate it from the rest of your stuff to avoid any form of contamination.

Range Gear

Apart from the above items, your range bag should also contain range gear such as a target stand, targets, sandbags, and other accessories that make your shooting experience more comfortable. If you have a rifle, consider carrying a shooting mat to help you lie down while shooting. Alternatively, a light-weighted chair is recommendable.

First Aid Kit

Unfortunately, sometimes things may not go as planned, and accidents may occur at the range. Whether it is a severe injury or minor cuts, having a first aid kit in your range bag could save a life. The kit should contain items such as antiseptic, wound dressings, sterile gloves, medication, and pain relievers.

Cleaning Supplies

At the end of a shooting day, your firearm could be filthy, and a good cleaning is critical to maintain its durability and proper function. It is recommendable to carry a cleaning kit in your range bag, including cleaning rods, lubricants, and solvent. These cleaning supplies will help you know that your firearm is well-maintained, and it will function as expected.


In conclusion, the above list highlights some of the essential items that your gun range bag should always have to make your shooting experience more enjoyable and comfortable while keeping you safe at the same time. When packing your range bag, remember to include ear and eye protection, ammunition, range gear such as sandbags, targets, and stands, a first aid kit, and cleaning supplies. With all these items in your range bag, you are ready to hit the range for a productive and fun shooting session. Always be safe and remember to adhere to all range rules and safety precautions.

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