Gun Storage 101: Basic Guidelines for Beginners

Gun ownership is a divisive issue in many countries, and even those in favor of owning guns have to admit that certain responsibilities come with it. One of the most crucial responsibilities is proper gun storage. Owning a gun comes with the responsibility to store it safely and securely. In this blog, we’ll go over the basic guidelines for gun storage that are suitable for beginners. Let’s dive in!

Know the Laws

Before you start storing your gun, it’s essential to know the local laws of your area. Many states have their guidelines regarding storing firearms. For example, California state law requires that all firearms be stored with a locking device or kept in a locked container, and unloaded, when not in use. Knowing the laws will help you avoid legal troubles later on.

Choose a Safe Location

Choosing the right location to store your gun is critical. It should be a place that’s dry, clean, and out of reach of children or unauthorized users. Install cabinets or safes on walls, which are difficult for burglars to take down. The storage location should also be free from temperature fluctuations and above all, locked.

Invest in a Gun Safe or Hard Case

To ensure your firearms are kept safely, consider investing in a gun safe or hard case. A good gun safe provides your firearms with an added layer of protection and prevents unauthorized access. There are different types of safes available in the market, such as biometric safes, combination safes, and keyed safes that vary in price, size, and features. Choose one that suits your needs.

Clean your Gun Before Storing

Cleaning your gun before storing it is a crucial step in maintaining your firearm’s longevity. It is recommended to clean your gun after every use, but if that isn’t possible, always clean it before storing it. Proper cleaning ensures that the gun is free from dirt, debris, and moisture and that it won’t degrade while stored.

Keep Your Ammunition Separate

Finally, it’s crucial to keep your ammunition separate from your firearm. Guns and ammunition should be stored in different locations. It’s an added safety measure in case of any unauthorized access. Ammunition should be stored in a cool, dry place in a locked container.


Proper gun storage is essential to owning a gun, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or expert. It helps ensure your family’s safety, prevent accidents, and keep your firearm secure. Understanding the guidelines mentioned above will keep your firearm secure at all times while also ensuring that you operate within the law. By following these basic guidelines, you can rest easy knowing that your firearm will remain safe and usable for years to come.

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