Keeping Your Guns Safe: DIY Gun Storage Solutions for Your Home

Owning guns comes with a huge responsibility, and one of those responsibilities includes keeping them safely stored away from unauthorized people, especially children. Gun storage solutions are essential because they help avoid risks and accidents that may cause injury or worse. However, most gun safes available on the market can be expensive, which is why many gun owners turn to DIY solutions. Today, we’ll explore some gun storage solutions that you can make yourself.

Wall-Mounted Racks

Wall-mounted gun racks are a simple and affordable DIY storage solution. They are easy to install and can hold multiple guns, making them a great option for people with multiple firearms. You can customize the size and design of the rack according to the number of guns you have, the type of guns, and the existing décor in your home. Wall-mounted gun racks not only store guns safely but also serve as a display piece, showcasing your weapons.

Hidden Gun Storage

Another great DIY gun storage solution is hidden storage. Hidden storage can be in the form of a bookcase with a built-in gun cabinet or a vintage-style trunk that locks. These types of storage solutions are not only safe but also offer inconspicuous hiding places for your guns. You can also use unused sections of your home, such as basements and attics, to store your guns. These spaces can be fitted with custom-built gun cabinets or unique shelving units to store your guns safely. Hidden gun storage ensures that your guns are out of sight and out of reach, decreasing the chances of unauthorized access.

Gun Cabinet

Building a gun cabinet is a great DIY project for a gun owner who wants to keep guns safely away from children and intruders. A gun cabinet can easily hold multiple guns and is designed to keep firearms safe and protected. You can build it using scrap wood you already have in your garage or workshop. Building a gun cabinet requires some woodworking experience but can be a fun DIY project.

PVC Pipe Gun Rack

If you’re looking for an affordable option for storing your guns, a PVC pipe gun rack might be the right choice. PVC pipe can be cut in different lengths and angles and easily connected to create a custom gun rack. Additionally, PVC pipe is resistant to moisture, making it ideal for storing guns in damp areas. PVC pipe gun racks are easy to customize to fit your specific needs and are a budget-friendly way to keep your guns stored safely.

Gun Safe Alarm

While not strictly a storage solution, a gun safe alarm is an effective way to ensure that unauthorized access is detected quickly. You can easily create your gun safe alarm system by installing a motion sensor near your gun safe, connected to an alarm system. This will detect any movement around your gun safe and give an audible alert if someone opens it. This DIY solution is inexpensive and can be easily installed.


Keeping your guns locked and secure is essential, and with these DIY solutions, you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Wall-mounted racks, hidden storage, gun cabinets, PVC pipe gun racks, and gun safe alarms – all of these homemade solutions can help keep your guns safe. Whether you choose one or a combination of these ideas, always make sure your storage solution is secure, and only you and trusted persons have access to your guns. With these DIY solutions, you can confidently keep your guns locked and secure from unauthorized access.

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