Strategies for Increasing Ammo Longevity

Ammo is an essential asset for firearm enthusiasts, and its longevity is critical to ensure that it remains useful and reliable. It’s crucial to store and maintain ammo correctly to preserve its longevity. In this blog post, we’ll outline some of the useful strategies for increasing ammo longevity.

Store Ammo in a Cool and Dry Environment

One of the most vital things to remember when it comes to ammo longevity is to store it in a dry and cool environment. Extreme temperatures and humidity can affect the performance of the ammo and lead to corrosion. It’s essential to maintain a constant temperature and humidity to avoid moisture and prevent rust from forming. A firearms cabinet, safe, or dedicated ammo storage space is ideal for this purpose.

Avoid Excessive Handling

While handling your ammo is essential, it’s vital to minimize excessive handling. Touching the ammo excessively can lead to body oils and other substances contaminating the ammo casing, leading to degradation over a period. Always handle ammo and store it in its container, minimizing contact, and avoiding unnecessary handling.

Keep Ammo in The Original Packaging

It’s essential to keep ammo in the original packaging and avoid repackaging it. Ammo packaging is designed to protect the ammo and contains information such as caliber, type, and energy rating. Repackaging may damage the rounds, and it’s easy to get mixed up and confused about the right cartridge to use when repackaging.

Clean Your Firearms Regularly

Cleaning your firearms regularly is vital for ensuring that ammo remains useful and performs well. Dirt, rust, and grime can weaken the firearm’s metal parts and damage the ammo, affecting its longevity. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help to mitigate this effect and ensure that your ammo lasts as long as possible.

Rotate Your Ammo Inventory

Rotating your ammo inventory is a smart strategy for ensuring that all of your ammo remains useful. When you buy new ammo, take a moment to ensure that you rotate the old ammunition to the front so that you can use it first. This rotation ensures that the rounds you bought first are used before they expire.


In conclusion, increasing ammo longevity requires careful storage, handling, and maintenance of the ammo. By following these recommended strategies, you can ensure that your ammo remains useful and reliable for longer periods. Proper storage techniques include keeping ammo in a cool and dry environment, reducing excessive handling, and keeping ammo in its original packaging. Cleaning your firearms and rotating your ammo inventory will result in better long-term performance and increase the longevity of your ammunition.

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