The Insider’s Guide to Gun Maintenance: Tips to Keep Your Firearms in Top Shape

Maintaining firearms is an essential aspect of gun ownership. Besides knowing how to shoot, a good gun owner must also keep their firearms safe and well-maintained. As a gun user, your success depends on how well you know your gun, and how often you care for it and maintain it. It’s important to understand that keeping your gun in top shape is not only crucial for its longevity but also for your safety. In this post, we will highlight some insider tips that will help you handle your firearms like a pro and ensure they are always in excellent condition.

Start by Knowing Your Gun

The first and most crucial step in maintaining your gun is to understand it. This involves reading the owner’s manual and studying the gun’s unique properties. You should also study the weapon’s anatomy, including the trigger, barrel, and different levers. For instance, if you own an AR-15, knowing how to clean an AR-15’s upper could save you a lot of time and money.

Clean Your Guns Often

Cleaning your gun is one of the essential maintenance tasks you need to do regularly. The more frequently you do it, the better. Ensure you use the correct cleaning supplies, including a cleaning rod, patches, lubricant, and bore solvent. Start by disassembling the gun, and then clean every metal part of the firearm, abandoning no residue. Afterward, apply oil or lubricant to the metal parts to protect them against rust and corrosion.

Check The Wear and Tear

Whenever you use your gun, there is a chance of wear and tear occurring. It’s essential to check your firearms for any damages, dents, or scratches regularly. If you notice any signs, send the gun to a qualified gunsmith for repair. At times, you will also need to replace some parts of the gun, such as springs, triggers, or sights.

Store Your Guns Properly

Proper storage is also critical when it comes to maintaining your firearms. Always store your gun in a dry place, and avoid exposing it to extreme heat or moisture. You can also invest in gun safes, racks, or cases to keep your guns protected.

Seek Professional Help

Lastly, when you are unable to handle any form of gun maintenance, feel free to seek professional help. Gunsmiths are qualified and skilled individuals who can perform various gun repair and maintenance tasks, including barrel cleanings, sight installations, and trigger jobs. Additionally, attending a gun maintenance class can provide you with the essential knowledge you need to maintain your firearms better.


In conclusion, owning a firearm means taking responsibility for its care and maintenance. The keys to proper gun maintenance are simple: know your gun, clean it regularly, check for wear and tear, store it correctly, and seek professional help when necessary. These insider tips will help keep your guns in top shape and ensure you enjoy safe and reliable performance for years to come. Remember, the safety of everyone around you depends on how well you maintain and handle your guns.

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