Top Mistakes That Compromise Gun Longevity

Investing in a gun is a huge responsibility. Not only does it require financial resources, but it also requires proper maintenance and usage. While guns may be essential for self-defense and other purposes, negligence in using and maintaining them puts their longevity at risk. In this blog post, we will explore the top mistakes that gun owners make, which could compromise the lifespan of their weapons. By knowing what not to do, you can keep your gun functioning properly for years to come.

Failing to clean your gun after using it

Cleaning your gun is not optional, but rather a necessity. After every use, your gun should be professionally cleaned and oiled for optimal performance. Most gun owners neglect this simple task due to their busy lifestyles or ignorance, which results in a short lifespan. Failing to clean your gun allows residue to build up, causing wear and tear on internal components and affecting the gun’s accuracy.

Using improper ammunition

Using the wrong ammunition could result in a catastrophic failure of your gun. While it’s tempting to purchase the cheaper rounds, it’s crucial to understand which ammunition is compatible with your gun. Using the wrong type of ammunition could lead to misfires and damage to the gun’s barrel, magazine, and other internal components, causing significant damages that are often irreversible.

Not storing your gun properly

After using your gun, you should store it in a dry, cool, and secure location. Most gun owners store their guns in damp or dirty places, expose them to direct sunlight, and fail to keep them locked in a secure location. This could lead to rust, corrosion, and other damages that impact both the gun’s performance and its aesthetics.

Neglecting to inspect your gun regularly

Inspecting your gun regularly is an essential aspect of maintenance. A thorough inspection will help you identify and address minor issues that could impact the gun’s performance and potentially lead to costly repairs. Failing to inspect your gun regularly could result in rust, corrosion, and other problems that compromise accuracy, and in some cases, cause the gun to malfunction.

Overloading your gun’s magazine

Overloading your gun’s magazine often leads to spring fatigue and other problems. While gun owners may want to maximize their ammunition and reduce loading time, overloading your gun’s magazine is not a good idea. This not only affects the weapon’s performance but also increases the chances of components breaking down, putting your gun’s lifespan and safety at risk.


A gun with a short lifespan is a nightmare for gun owners. To make the most out of it, it’s essential to understand the most common mistakes that could compromise its longevity. By understanding these mistakes, gun owners can take the necessary precautions to help their guns function correctly and prevent costly repairs. Remember to clean your gun after every use, use the right ammunition, store it properly, inspect it regularly, and avoid overloading your gun’s magazine. With the right maintenance and usage techniques, your gun can last for years.

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