Understanding the Different Types of Gun Range Bags

When heading to the range, it’s important to have all the necessary gear and equipment. One essential item is a gun range bag. However, with so many different types of range bags available in the market, it can be challenging to pick the right one. In this blog, we’ll discuss the different types of gun range bags and their features so that you can make an informed decision.

Tactical Gun Range Bags

Tactical gun range bags are typically made from heavy-duty materials and are designed to carry firearms and tactical gear. They come with padded compartments for guns and other equipment, pouches and holders for magazines, and sometimes even have external straps for attaching accessories like holsters. Tactical bags also tend to be larger, which makes them a popular choice for those who need to carry multiple firearms. Some may even come with a range mat.

Backpack Gun Range Bags

Backpack gun range bags have become increasingly popular as they are versatile and can be used to carry other items besides guns and ammo. They are designed like regular backpacks with additional compartments specifically for guns. They come in different sizes, from small bags for a single handgun, to larger bags that can carry multiple firearms.

Rolling Gun Range Bags

Rolling gun range bags are also becoming a trend in the market. They are larger in size and heavier. They come with wheels at the bottom, making it easy for you to move your gear around. Apart from this, they also have a telescopic handle for easy towing. These bags offer ample space for long guns, pistols, magazines, ammo, and other accessories.

Traditional Gun Range Bags

Traditional gun range bags are lightweight and easy to carry. They are perfect for those who do not require a lot of space and are only carrying a single gun. Most traditional bags come with interior foam padding for gun protection and come in various sizes. Some versions also have multiple pockets, allowing you to organize your gear neatly.

Small Pistol Range Bags

Small pistol range bags are excellent for those who only carry one or two pistols with them. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, with some offering enough space for magazines and other small accessories.


So, there you have it – the different types of gun range bags. The type of range bag you need depends on the type of shooting you’ll be doing and the gear you’ll need to carry. Consider the size, storage capacity, and features of each type of range bag when making your decision. With proper organization and equipment, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable time at the range.

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