Your Complete Guide to Gun Safe Sizes

Owning a firearm comes with great responsibility and one of the primary responsibilities is ensuring that they are stored securely. A gun safe is an excellent investment that ensures regulation compliance and the safety of your family. Although it may seem like a simple purchase, the size of the gun safe you choose requires careful consideration before investing. This complete guide will take you through the factors to consider when determining the right size for your gun safe.

Evaluate your needs

Before investing in a gun safe, consider the number of pistols, rifles, or any other firearms you own. It’s essential to accounts for future purchases as well. Experts recommend buying a safe that can hold at least 30% more firearms than you currently have. This calculation is necessary as gun collectors tend to expand their ownership over time. If you have multiple firearms requiring sufficient storage space, you may need to consider a larger safe. A tip here is to ensure that the cabinet’s width allows easy access and ample space to store scoped rifles.

Assess your storage situation

Your current or planned storage location can significantly impact the size of the gun safe. Check the depth, height, and width of the storage location when planning for the safe. Ensure it can hold the weight of the cabinet, the firearms, and any accessories. You don’t want to purchase a safe that’s too large for the installation location. As much as possible, choose an area that’s dry, inaccessible, and free from moisture. A large-sized safe in a smaller storage location may limit the ease of access to firearms.

Understand the difference between safe capacity and number of guns

The gun safe’s capacity is not the same as the number of firearms it holds. Capacity refers to the overall space available within the safe, including the area combined with accessories, drawer units, and other compartments. Therefore, a 24-gun safe capacity may fit half that amount when accounting for the shelving, ammunition, and any accessory storage space. It would be best, therefore, to check the capacity and understand that the number of guns it holds differs from the considered capacity.

Consider your budget

Although you may want the biggest safe in the market, your budget may not allow it. There’s a wide range of safes available, and the cost may depend on the size and quality of the safe. However, it would be best to review your spending plan and ensure that you choose a reasonably-priced safe that satisfies your storage needs.


Purchasing a gun safe is a significant investment that ensures firearms are stored securely. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine the size of the safe based on your firearm collection, storage location, and the budget you want to allocate. Before investing in one, it’s vital to assess what you own and predict ownership growth. Furthermore, checkout the storage location for suitability. A safe that’s too large for the location may limit access to firearms, and vice versa. There are budget-friendly options that offer excellent storage while ensuring the safety of your firearms. We hope our complete guide helps you choose the perfect gun safe size for your needs.

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