Best Ways to Hide a Gun in Your Car

We all know that gun safety is of utmost importance, and gun owners have to be careful in keeping their guns away from unintended people, especially children. A huge part of being a responsible gun owner is hiding your gun in a way that prevents it from being seen or accessed by anyone except the owner. When you are in your car, it can be a bit difficult to know where to store your gun, especially if you’re driving around with the gun every day. In this blog post, we will discuss the best ways to hide a gun in your car safely.

Console Safe

One of the best ways to store a gun in your car is through a console safe. These safes are built to fit into your car’s center console and bolt directly to the floorboard for extra security. These safes can be accessed via a combination lock or a key that only the owner has access to. They are available in different sizes and are mostly made of metal or steel. Console safes offer ultimate safety but can be a bit expensive.

Under the Seat Safe

Another ideal way of keeping your gun secure in your car is by placing it in an under-seat safe. These safes can be bolted to the bottom of the car seat and accessed quite easily. Some safes even come with a biometric lock system that allows quick access. They are also reasonably priced and perfect for guns with shorter barrels.

Magnetic Gun Mount

Consider using magnetic gun mounts as they are inexpensive and easily installed. They are perfect for quickly securing the gun, allowing easy access, and keeping it hidden away. You can install them in your car’s trunk, under the seat, or on the side of the console. They can also be used to attach the gun under the steering wheel.

Customized Gun Holster

Another excellent way to hide your gun in your car is by using a customized holster. This option is ideal if you prefer to have your gun in a readily accessible location. You can install it where you usually keep your wallet or phone. The holster is disguised to look like other components in your vehicle, like a car stereo or air conditioning vent. It’s an option perfect for guns with big barrels.

Lockable Glove Box

Another option is to use your car’s glove box to keep your gun safe. You can opt for a lockable glove box that can be purchased online that offers an extra layer of protection. With this option, you will need to consider where the glove box is located and whether it’s easily accessible in case of an emergency.


Keeping your gun secured and hidden away in your car is crucial. Whether you decide to install a console safe, under the seat safe, magnetic mount, customized holster or utilize a lockable glove box, always remember to be careful, and never leave the gun inside the car while parking or unattended. Remember, gun safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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