Are Ammo Cans Fireproof?

Ammunition is a fire hazard, and appropriate handling, especially around a fire, is crucial. Proper storage practices are essential to keep them away from extreme temperatures. One may be tempted to think that ammo cans are fireproof, but there are several factors to consider.

Ammunitions also require moisture-free areas. High humidity can be a challenge, especially if you have large amounts of ammunition. Luckily, there are specific designs of containers to store them.

The ammo cans are one of the best options to consider at a pocket-friendly price. They are also suitable for traveling with ammo. However, they might not be suitable for extreme temperatures. Some cans are also airtight, but this quality does not render these ammo cans fireproof.

Is Live Ammunition Dangerous?

Live ammunition is inactive and cannot do any harm. However, ammunition requires a propellant charge to make it dangerous.

Therefore, it can be dangerous if improperly used. Some people are quick to neglect the proper handling of stored ammunition. As a result, it is important not to disclose where you store your ammunition to untrustworthy people. It also should be an area where fire is not a risk factor.

Common Misconceptions Associated With Ammo Can Fireproofing

It is crucial to debunk myths, which allows you to work on facts when storing and using your ammunition in ammo cans. Ammo cans are not fireproof. They may be fire resistant to a point, but heat will cause a dangerous situation as it will set off the ammunition as the temperature rises.

Ammunition Safety in Fireproof Safes

The chances are that you will not recover your ammunition in case of a fire. Your ammo cans fireproof qualities will not matter. The heat in the can will set off the ammunition since the ammunition gains heat very fast.

The bullets are heavy, but the casings will explode and damage objects nearby. The explosion can also injure any person close to the safe when the cases explode.

The powder present in the ammunition will also emit smoke and other gases that expand. The expansion is effective under low pressure. The powder attains high temperatures, which makes the fireproof cans burn from inside.

The cool air inside the cans also depletes as your ammo explodes. Hot air and smoke will also sip in the safe, making it hard for the safe to cool.

The heated gunpowder in the safe will act as a bomb and pose more danger. Therefore, a safe made of insulating material can be a good option. The safe should also allow for easy ventilation.

In case of a fire outbreak, the safety of your ammunition in the safe will depend on:

  • The temperature inside the safe
  • The duration of these temperatures to the ammunition
  • The temperatures at which the ammunition goes off
  • The heat capacity your safe can withstand.

Fire Breakout in Your Ammunition Storage Premises and What to Do

In case of a fire in your house, you should notify the firefighters of any ammunition you possess. The possibility of an explosion can endanger the firefighters’ lives.

The ammunition and primers have propellants that can go off under extreme heat. The fuel is commonly that of lead azide.

After successfully putting out the fire, you have to call the bomb squad to the scene. The burned ammunition is still dangerous even after cooling.

The bomb squad will carefully transfer the unused ammo to a rigid steel vessel. They then dispose vessel. It is also crucial to report all possible areas you may have stored ammunition. The bomb squad will secure all traces of the ammunition and maintain safety.

A sealed safe under extreme temperatures in case of fires will also not be suitable. The sealing would have the safe act like a boiler. Therefore, there is no point in getting waterproof ammunition safes.

Safes protect your ammunition to a certain extent but fail in extreme conditions.

Fire Poses More Danger to Your Ammunition Compared to Water

According to gun reviews, water damages and floods are more frequent compared to fire. Therefore, humidity and water are the main conditions to avoid in your storage. So while moisture exposure is more common, fire is quicker are destroying ammunition and causing danger to all those around.

Is the Basement the Best Ammo Storage Area?

The basement has slight variations in the temperatures and can sometimes be constant. However, there is the probability of flooding to pose a danger to your ammunition. Since the basement is the lowest area, it has a higher chance of more water in case of rain.

In case of a fire, the basement is also hard to reach, making access to your ammunition hard. It also experiences high temperatures making it hard to recover your ammunition.

The Average Lifespan of Ammunition in Ammo Cans

The purchase of ammunition should allow you to hold on to it for the long term. According to skilled survival, ammunition is an investment for your future security.

Modern-day ammunition can survive for a long time while in an ammo can. To achieve this lifespan, you should uphold the essential practices of proper storage.

In case of a scenario where you ignore these basics, your ammunition will not last longer. Moreover, the ammunition will become useless and may affect your accuracy when shooting.

The Proper Way to Store Your Ammunition To Avoid Damage from Fires

The American Gun Association states that you should be responsible for your ammunition. It outlines some of the proper ways that you can store them. They include:

Distribute your stored primers

The possibility of having one of your primers going off is always there, therefore, separating the primers into groups can help avoid a chain reaction to all other primers incase of a fire.

Keep the ammunition in a cool, dry place

Depending on your area’s climate, you should find a suitable way to keep your ammunition cool and dry. You should also consider the design of your house when finding a suitable location to store them.

Areas that are humid and hot most of the time are not promising areas to store your ammunition while in an ammo can. Your ammunition is bound to develop rust over time.

Store your ammunition away from kids and strangers

Your kids might be naive to the dangers that come with the mishandling of ammunition. Curious kids may mishandle your ammunition when they come across your ammo cans.

Strangers should also not have access to your ammunition storage. There are numerous cases of stolen firearms and ammunition.

Safes and hard-to-reach spots can work well to keep unwanted attention.


Ammo cans are not entirely fireproof, but fire resistant. There is a chance of fire reaching your ammo. Following the above tips ensures not only your safety but also the people around you. Proper storage of your ammunition especially in ammo cans also goes a long way to save you money in the long run. Moreover, you should also seek professional advice from qualified personnel. As a result, proper execution of the above tips would be more effortless for you.

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