Are Gun Safes Easy to Break Into?

Keeping your gun safe is the primary concern of a gun owner. A good safe will keep your firearm safe from theft. The majority of gun safes are durable, but it will take a short time to break them with the right tools. For example, you can break into the safe by drilling holes in it. This begs the question… are gun safes easy to break into?

You can also break into the safe by compromising the lock or by using a borescope. Burglars use these tactics because they are experienced in doing so. This suggests that the firearm is not safe even in that safe. Below we discuss the burning issue of whether gun safes easy to break into.

Can You Break Into Gun Safes?

The safe’s quality is the primary determinant of whether you can break into it or not. Thieves might lock pick the safe while you are away. Even though it is not as easy as seen in the films, it is easy to happen. Amateur thieves might fail to open the safe, but you will get in a mess when an experienced one gets hold of it.

You can break into any safe with the right tools and ample time. It would be great to note that safes do not keep firearms completely safe. Buying a safe is like buying time – you will stay with your weapon longer.

How to Make Gun Safes Harder to Break Into

There is no certified method to keep your gun free from a robbery. You can break almost all safes with the right tools and enough time. However, there are strategies you can use to keep it a bit safe.

First, you should buy a high-quality safe with a robust frame. These qualities will make it hard for anybody to get access to the safe’s interior. Your firearm will be at more risk if you buy a shoddy device.

Installing an advanced locking kit will also keep your gun safe from theft. Safes with a low-quality locking system are easy to break into. Manipulating the lock and scooping it will decrease the locking system’s effect – this means that having an excellent locking device is the first step to keep your firearm safe.

Lastly, finding a safe you can secure to the floor and/or wall will help deter thieves using “bounce or drop” methods. The goal is to not to have the most full proof safe, but one that deters the thief. The longer it takes to crack a safe, the more likely a thief is to choose another person to rob… as your safe has become a hard target. Time is the enemy of thieves and the biggest advantage you have.

Methods Thieves Use to Break into Gun Safes

Below we discuss modes most thieves use to break into safes.

Using Saws

Most people overlook this, but someone can use a chainsaw to access the safe. They can achieve this by cutting the safe’s side. Breaking a safe using a saw is not hard, and a $15 saw can be used to achieve this.

Use of Plasma Cutters

Experienced thieves use plasma cutters to break into gun safes. You might think this method is complex, but it is easy to happen. These cutters can go through the safe, thus compromising the firearm’s safety.


Drilling is the most common method used by thieves to break into your safe. The drilling happens on the safe’s locking side to reach the locking system. It damages the system and creates a pathway to the safe.

By Bouncing It

Burglars can bounce the safe with ease if it is small and light. If the safe has a low quality, it will break after 3-4 drops. Advanced safes have a feature known as a re-locker that prevents it from damage in case of a bounce-off. The tool closes the safe bolts when this occurs.

Use of Hatchets

Breaking into a safe using a hatchet is complicated but yet possible. Burglars use these hatchets to damage the plates in the safe, but it is not effective on most safes.

How Can You Break into Your Gun Safe?

You will put the best tactics in place because you do not want anybody to break into your safe. You might find yourself asking how to access the safe if you forget the combination. Gun safes are easy to break into, but be prepared to purchase a new one if your break open yours. Below we discuss how:

Scooping It

Safe scooping resembles the drilling procedure. All you need to do is handle the borescope before you unlock it. Getting access to the cope makes the safe combination inactive.

You do not need to replace the locking kit after scooping the safe. It is possible to store your weapons in the same safe.

By Contacting Your Locksmith

Locksmiths are people who deal with breaking into safes. They can gain access to the safe since they have dealt with many locks. Please contact a locksmith if you fail to access it, but you should try it yourself first.

Lock Manipulation

This is a certified method to break into your safe. It is also familiar to burglars. Here, you should hammer the locking system. After a short time, the lock devices will scatter and free the palate. It would help if you had a robust tool to pressure the locking system to break the safe.

Prying Tactics

You can break into the safe using prying methods. No safe is airtight, meaning there will always be a prying space. It would be great to replace the locking system whenever you see any opening.

You should put rods into the space and push them upwards until the safe breaks open. However, this method takes time, and it is risky. You cannot use this safe again after using this process.

Using Earth Magnets

You can use earth magnets to attract the solenoid in the safe. It creates room to break into the safe. This mode might look weird and straightforward, but it is very effective. All you should do is buy a giant magnet. Most people use this method to break into safes nowadays.

Reset It

Most gun safes have holes to improve ventilation, and most are found beneath the safe. You can press the reset option using these holes. It would be best to use a narrow stick to achieve that, but you should first confirm where the button is before trying. You will hear a “beep” button after reaching that button, and it should reset your safe’s combination.


Safes are made to keep your essential goods and items safe. All gun owners should have it to prevent unwanted accidents or injuries. Avoid storing your firearms in open places like your living room because children can access them.

These safes aim to keep your firearm free from theft and other damages. You now know many methods you can use to access your safe if you forget the combination. Most methods are easy to achieve. However, it would be great to buy a safe with an updated lock system as the initial step to keep the firearm safe. Most high-quality safes cost $600, and they might be expensive, but they are more likely to keep the weapons safe.

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