DIY Under Bed Gun Safe

Every year, around 1000 American children get injured as a result of gun-related accidents. That is why as a gun owner, you need to keep your guns and ammunition safe. For instance, you need to keep them locked somewhere. If you do not do this, the guns will get into the wrong hands. This is where a DIY under bed gun safe could come in handy.

The perfect place to keep your gun is in a gun safe. You can buy such as a safe or build one by yourself. One of the types of gun safes that you can build is an under bed gun safe. Below are more details on this gun safe.

Why Build Your Own Under Bed Gun Safe

Several reasons should make you build an under bed gun safe. For instance, you should go for the option of a DIY under bed-gun safe if you do not have enough money to purchase an already built gun safe. You can also decide to build such a safe if you cannot find the safe model you need. Below are other reasons that should make you build a DIY under bed gun-safe.


Although store-bought under bed gun safes will serve the same purpose as a DIY under bed gun-safe, they might not match your aesthetic needs. For instance, you may find that the under bed gun safes in the market are too big or too small for your guns. If you buy an under bed gun safe that is too big, it will take up valuable space. On the other hand, a small under-bed gun safe will frustrate you. Such is because you will have to think about where you will keep the firearms that do not fit in the gun safe. To avoid these frustrations, build a DIY under bed gun safe.

If you decide to make your own under bed gun safe, you will build a well-sized gun safe. You will also be able to customize this gun safe to ensure that it matches your needs. For instance, you can divide it according to the number of guns you own.

Meeting Regulatory Gun Safe Standards

There are certain set standards that gun safes should meet. According to these standards, an under bed gun safe should:

Some of the gun safes that are available in the market do not meet these standards. However, if you decide to build a DIY under bed gun-safe, it should meet the set standards.

Focused Function

People buy and build under bed gun safes for different reasons. For instance, some people use these safes to ensure that their children do not get to see or use guns. Other people keep guns in safes to protect them from intruders. Just like these people, you have a particular reason why you need an under bed gun safe. When you decide to build this gun safe, you will be able to focus on that reason.

Personalized Gun Holders

When you make a DIY under bed gun safe, you will make specific gun holders for each of your guns. Such holders will help ensure that your guns do not move while they are in the gun safe. Therefore, you will be able to store several guns in the safe.

The Benefits of Using a DIY Under Bed Gun Safe

You will experience several benefits when you make and use a DIY under bed- gun safe. For instance, when you make the safe and keep your gun there, you can access it anytime you are sleeping. Knowing that you have your firearm near you will help you have a peaceful sleep. Below are other benefits of using this gun safe.

  • Accessing a gun kept in this safe will always be easy for you.
  • Such a safe will help you keep your gun away from unwelcome visitors, as such people are less likely to get into your bedroom.
  • Such a gun safe will help you hide your gun from your children.
  • It is safer to keep your gun in such a safe than to keep it under your pillow.

What Kind of DIY Under Bed Gun Safe Suits You?

There are different kinds of DIY under bed gun safes that you can build. However, to ensure that you make an under bed gun safe that will suit you, consider:

  • The type of guns that you want to keep in the gun safe
  • The number of guns that you want to keep in the safe
  • The reason for building the safe
  • The degree of protection that you wish to the gun safe to offer

Building a DIY Under Bed Gun Safe

Building a DIY under bed gun-safe may take you some time. Below are the steps that you should follow when making this gun safe.

Step 1: Come Up with a Design

Under-bed gun safes come in different designs. You should choose the design of an under bed gun safe that will meet your aesthetic and functional needs. An under bed pistol gun safe has different requirements than a under bed rifle gun safe.

Need inspiration? Check out the following videos. Whatever you choose to design, you must make sure it is lockable to meet regulatory gun safe standards. Children and those at risk must be protected. If your DIY gun safe project can’t do that, buy a safe that meets standards.

Step 2: Collect the Materials That You Need

To make a DIY under bed gun-safe, you will need several items. These items include:

  • A pencil
  • Sanding paper
  • Drill bits
  • Hinges
  • Latch
  • Wood stain
  • A padlock
  • Electric drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Plywood
  • Tape measure
  • Steel screws

Step 3: Build Your DIY Under Bed Gun Safe

After collecting all the materials and tools that you need, start building your gun safe. You can begin by cutting wood for the safe and gun holders. After doing this, build the safe and then install the door. The last thing that you should do is installing the safe’s lock system.

Step 4: Sand and Paint the Gun Safe

After you build your DIY under bed gun safe, sand and paint it, however, you should ensure that the paint you use matches the paint applied to your bed.


If you do not have enough money to buy an under bed gun safe, you can decide to build one. Although making it may take so much time, you will experience many benefits. For instance, you will get an opportunity to customize your gun safe to meet your needs. Also, you can install gun holders in the safe specific to your needs.

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