How to Choose a Gun Cabinet with Ammo Storage

Choosing gun cabinets and gun cabinet accessories with ammo storage allows you to keep them safe. It also helps you stay organized. A gun cabinet with ammo storage helps protect the gun and ammunition from theft, damage, and unauthorized access. Gun cabinets may be free-standing or built-in. The amount of space you have available will help determine which gun cabinet is right for your collection.

Gun cabinets are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. When choosing gun cabinet hardware, keep in mind the look you want to achieve. Many gun cabinet manufacturers offer custom gun cabinets that allow you to choose size, color(s), wood type, or gun cabinet accessories. The accessories include gun racks or gun shelves to help make gun storage easier.

Gun Cabinet Finishes

Gun cabinets come in one of two finishes: wood and metal. Wood gun cabinets provide traditional home decor. This makes it is easy to match them with other gun cabinet hardware or gun cabinet accessories. Also, you can match metal gun cabinets with accessories like gun racks and rifle holders.

Why You Should Choose Gun Cabinets With Ammo Storage

A gun cabinet with ammo storage is an investment, and it’s important to keep it locked when not in use. Most gun cabinet locks, like the gun lock or gun safe, come separately for extra protection. Gun cabinets offer a variety of locking systems. They include key, combination, biometric, electronic gun locks, and gun safes. Beyond your guns, ammunition is also an investment that requires protection.

On the inside, these contain dedicated sections for ammo storage or room for you to stack your ammo cans. This allows you to securely store the guns and ammo in one place, because they are locked. Please read the “Can Guns and Ammo Be Stored Together” guide for why this is critically important. Typically, you will see guns on one side of the cabinet and some sort of separator/shelving on the other side for ammo. Adjustable shelving is best.

If you have already filled your gun cabinet and don’t want to spend the money for a new gun cabinet with ammo storage, you can get an ammo storage cabinet. These are lockable like gun cabinets and safes, but come with shelving/organization meant for ammo.

The firearm industry has seen increased gun violence in recent years. Gun cabinet accessories like dedicated ammo storage compartments make it possible to access your gun and ammo collection in an emergency. Also, the cabinet may help deter gun theft.

There are various types of gun cabinets. Below is a list and description of the most available types of gun cabinets.

Types of Gun Cabinets and Safes

Safe-T-Proof Gun Cabinets

Safe-T-Proof Gun Cabinets are for people who are looking to store their guns in a secure location. This design has a quick entry keypad combination lock, which allows you to enter your passcode. The process is quick to save time when accessing your firearm(s).

Safe-T-Cabinets also come with the option of a UL-listed electric locking system. The UL listed electric lock option will not include any extra cost. It is great for persons who want to access their firearms quickly. You can mount any Safe-T-Proof Cabinets on a solid surface or in the corner of a room.

Safe-T-Proof operates on its mechanical locking system, with an electronic option upgrade.

Vault-Style Gun Cabinets

Vault-style gun cabinets aim to provide high security for your firearms while giving you quick access when needed. The vaults have solid steel walls that give them strength and durability. Also, it comes come with a high-security electronic keypad entry lock. Some models include biometric technology for quick access.

For extra protection, most vault-style cabinets have bolts anchored into the floor or wall behind your cabinet. This way, burglars will have a harder time in their attempt to steal your gun safe.

Automatic Locking Systems

Automatic locking systems are some of the best gun safes on the market. They give you quick access when you need it. Also, they provide an extremely secure lock and solid steel structure. Automatic locking systems are electrical, but most come with an option for a manual key. This helps in case the power goes out.

Key Lock Gun Safes

Key lock gun safes are some of the most affordable gun storage solutions available. They offer quick access when you need it. They can also hold several firearms and ammunition. The key locks come with a spring-loaded door that you can access by pulling down on the top or side of your cabinet.

Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric gun safes give you quick access without the need to use an electronic keypad or key. Instead, most models use biometric fingerprint reading technology. This allows you to access your firearms quickly.

Other Gun Safes

Hidden gun cabinets are some of the unique storage solutions on the market. They allow you to hide your firearm in plain sight. It is perfect for those who want quick access but do not want their firearm accessed.

Recessed gun safes are great options for gun storage. If you have limited space or have a tight corner, then these are the best. They come with pre-cut holes for bolting it to the floor or wall, and they give you quick access when needed.

Gun safes for sale will give you quick access to many firearms. Also, they will protect them from unauthorized people. Most gun safes for sale are solid steel walls and have a locking system that you can access when needed.

Among these types of guns storages, the most popular among gun owners is the key lock bottom opening cabinet. You might also like the portable gun safe. Despite their popularity, these two do not meet every gun and ammo owner’s preferences.

What To Consider When Buying a Gun Cabinet With Ammo Storage

A reliable gun cabinet with ammo storage must have some of the features below:

It must have reliable security. A key lock gun safe is great, but it is easy to access since anyone with access to your key can make a copy. In this case, a gun safe using biometric technology could be the best. You could also settle for an automatic gun safe storage since it has an extra key for manual opening, if necessary.

The storage should be made of steel. Steel makes it difficult for intruders to break into your gun storage cabinet. Unlike wood that is easy to break into, steel provides better reinforcement that secures your firearms and ammo.

The cabinet should have enough room to allow you to keep more than one firearm. Also, it should have more space to keep your ammo. Gun cabinets with accessories like gun racks or rifle holders can create a gun storage system matching your gun collection.

Sometimes people buy a gun cabinet and ammo cabinets separately. Such people may already have a gun cabinet at home. Thus, they will only need to buy ammo storage. If you separate your firearms and ammo, you may undergo delays during emergencies. A gun cabinet with ammo storage will allow you to keep your gun close to ammo. In this case, you can react fast enough when you need to load and use your weapon(s).


Now that you are familiar with the types of gun cabinet storage, you can decide which fits you the best. Always remember that safety and extra room are significant whenever you choose a gun storage cabinet with ammo storage.

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