Do Biometric Gun Safes Work?

When you buy a biometric gun safe, you expect to keep firearms secure from unauthorized access. A gun safe is highly essential in any household with children. Children are unpredictable and allowing them access to guns could be catastrophic. Biometric gun safes can keep our families safe, but there are uncertainties among some gun owners concerning their protections. The main question is… do biometric gun safes work?

How Safe Is Your Gun in a Biometric Gun Safe?

A common question among most gun owners is, do biometric gun safes work? To answer this question, you must review a couple of crucial areas: do biometric locks exist, work, and last. There is no doubt the science behind a biometric safe is impressive – a fingerprint scanner can read your fingerprint and open your safe in milliseconds. But do they work? And do they last?

It turns out that these locks do exist and work. But do you want to trust your gun and ammo storage to a lock with a battery life of up to two years which will let you down when you need it most? Is the money worth the risk? Many gun owners find that their biometric locks cannot handle repeated use or even one use. They also notice that the fingerprint scanner stops reading fingerprints after just a couple of months.

Scanner Issues and Battery Life

Many people think that these problems are just about “user error.” The fact is that it is not easy to handle these safes without changing the battery at least once a month. You should also note that other users report problems with jams, even when they can open their biometric gun safe the first time. Once again, this may be due to user error, but it may be a more fundamental issue.

If you consider how often people panic, you can imagine that your biometric safe will not always work when you need it most. If you open your safe and nothing happens, then there is no way to find out what went wrong with the fingerprint scanner or whether the backup bolt lock has jammed. In this case, gun owners may opt for a standard gun safe. If people get to opt for a standard safe you may begin to ask yourself, do biometric gun safes work? Really?

It’s important to note that standard gun safes are not foolproof either. Unlike biometric gun safes, they are easily accessible. Biometric gun safes offer added levels of security with increased speed and ease of access. That makes them an excellent option for most gun owners, especially if you live in a home with children.

Read the “Biometric Gun Safes Pros and Cons” article for full details before purchasing a biometric safe.

What About the RFID Technology?

There are also some models on the market today that use RFID technology instead of fingerprint recognition. Many people who want to keep their guns away from kids choose this option because it only requires the safe to be within a few inches of the weapon for it to open. However, if you think this technology is right for you, make sure the product you buy meets industry standards for gun safes.

Is It Possible to Hack Into Biometric Gun Safes?

It would help if you kept in mind that eventually, an intruder could hack the biometric locking system. That’s true whether you choose fingerprint recognition or RFID technology. So, if you’re a gun enthusiast with the skill and patience to hack into one of these products, it won’t be long before you can access your firearms. Therefore, some people choose biometric rifle safes instead of standard models. In most cases, this technology offers increased security without decreasing speed or ease of use for authorized users.

In the past, biometric scanners only worked if you had a perfect print with complete lines. It was not easy to do, but current updates allow them to work even if you do not have an ideal fingerprint. It works like this: the scanner has a transceiver and transmitter that sends out an electric pulse, which measures the distance to each ridge as it goes down your finger. The companion software notes any ridges which don’t appear in its database and set them as “unknown.” It doesn’t matter if you have no adjacent ridges.

Carefully Consider if Biometric Gun Safes Are Right for You

Biometric gun safes of such type could create doubt among gun owners. The safe may lock you out when you need your gun the most. It is a rare occasion, but that does not mean it could cost you more than denying access to your weapon. Also, the biometric scanner will only work by replacing batteries and there is a power source. It is another problem considering most people are forgetful, especially regarding things you rarely access in the house.

The alternative backup means of access are also problematic: the manual key lock often jams – and even when it works smoothly, you can be up against a jammed door within seconds because your children are in danger. That’s why you need to think carefully about biometric gun safes before you purchase one.

Possible Alternatives

Despite the few challenges, there are some other alternatives on the market worth considering. The best ones have a high-security electronic combination lock – with changeable code that is reset whenever required, meaning that there is no battery life issues and no risk of jamming. It sounds like great news and a long-term solution to typical biometric gun safe problems.

Some models meet industry standards for gun safes. Others do not. These standards include UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and Federal or State Departments of Justice, depending on where you live. Biometric gun safes typically meet the exact requirements as other gun safe models, but you should always check with your state before buying one of these products.

A biometric gun safe serves as an added level of security for any firearm owner who wants to keep their guns away from kids or intruders. Just like any other safe, handguns, rifles, and shotguns you keep then locked until when you need them. With one of these products guarding your guns, you don’t have to worry about children mishandling firearms or intruders taking the weapons during a robbery or break-in.


If an authorized user tries to access a protected firearm without the correct fingerprint, this technology will not open the safe. The same is true for biometric rifle safes or any other model that uses this technology. It’s important to note that these products are not 100% foolproof. There are ways to overcome their security, but they are much more secure than standard locks and keys.

In short, biometric guns safes work, but keep in mind the challenges of this technology, and what to do if your safe doesn’t open. Its the constant battle between maximum security and access when you need your firearm the most. The “Biometric Gun Safes Pros and Cons” is a must read in this regard.

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