7 Great Ammo Storage Ideas

If you are a gun owner, you know how important it is to store your gun properly. The same should apply to ammo storage. After buying your ammo, you should store it properly since the gunpowder inside the bullets can lose its potency due to poor ammo storage. To ensure that this does not happen, you should keep your ammo away from high humidity, extreme heat and temperature fluctuations. Below are 7 great ammo storage ideas.

Store Your Ammo in Military-Style Metal Storage Containers

If you plan to store your ammunition for a long time, you should keep it in military-style metal storage containers. These storage containers usually protect ammunition against harsh weather conditions. Soldiers use them when they are in war-zones to protect their ammunition against torrential downpours and extreme heat. You can buy a military-style metal storage container from the nearest outdoor gear shop.

However, you should be careful when choosing a military-style metal storage container to buy. For instance, you should ensure that it is of the correct size. To know the size of the military-style storage container to buy, measure the longest item that you want to store. You should choose an ammo container that is one inch longer than the item. You should also inspect the storage container to ensure that the rubber gaskets on its lid are not cracked. Other things that you need to consider when buying a military-style storage container include:

  • The design of the storage container
  • The weight of the container
  • If the container can float in case of flooding or not
  • The capacity of the container

Store Your Ammo in the Original Boxes

Storing ammo in the original boxes is one of the great ammo storage ideas. When you store your ammo in these boxes, it will not get dented, dinged up, or scratched. The ammo will also stay organized and will not move while in these boxes. Other benefits that you will experience when you store your ammo in the original boxes include:

  • You will easily identify the type of ammo that is in your storage boxes.
  • It will be easy for you to identify the number of rounds in a particular storage box.
  • You will easily know when you bought certain rounds. Therefore, you will be able to apply the first-in-first-out method when it comes to using the rounds. This will help you avoid storing ammunition for too long.
  • These boxes will protect your ammo from moisture and high humidity.

If you don’t have the original box, consider a flip top ammo box that organizes ammo per round. If you have a lot of ammo, consider the MTM AC9 Ammo Can Combo.

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Store Your Ammo in Wooden Ammo Storage Boxes

The next of the ammo storage ideas is to store your small-caliber ammo in wooden ammo boxes. These boxes are usually durable since the manufacturers make them from high-quality wood. They are also environmentally friendly, and they will help keep your ammo dry and safe.

When choosing a wooden ammo storage box, you should consider the weight of your ammunition. The storage box you choose should be strong enough to support the weight of these items. You should also look at the design of the box since ammo storage box sellers sell both open and closed wooden ammo storage boxes. If you live in an area where theft is an issue, you should choose closed ammo storage boxes and vice versa. An open ammo storage box will enable you to see what is inside the storage box without necessarily opening it.

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Store Your Ammo in Airtight and Watertight Ammo Cans

If you intend to store ammo with brass casings, you should store it in airtight and watertight ammo cans. This is one of the more popular ammo storage ideas. Doing this will help ensure that your ammunition does deteriorate since excessive moisture can react with brass casings, leading to the corrosion of your ammo. To further ensure that your ammo does not corrode, you should put desiccant packets or a dehumidifier inside the ammo can. Other things that you need to do after buying such a storage container include:

  • Locking the storage can all the time.
  • Keeping the storage can in a dark place.
  • Put a label on the can, indicating the type of ammo that you have stored in the container.
  • Check the contents of this can occasionally to ensure that your ammo is in good condition.

Store Your Ammo in a Gun Safe

You can store your ammo in a gun safe the same way you store your firearm in gun safes. However, you should ensure that the gun safe that you are using has a special compartment for ammo. The compartment is usually airtight and temperature-controlled. You should only keep your ammo in this compartment and not any in other parts of the gun safe.

If the gun safe does not have a special compartment, you should put your ammo in an airtight container and then place the container inside your gun safe. After storing your ammo in your gun safe, you should not put the gun safe directly on the ground. You should also avoid storing your ammo and firearms in the same gun safe.

Store Your Ammo in Vacuum Sealed Bags

You can store your ammo in a vacuum-sealed bag. It will help ensure that your ammo does not come into contact with any air, hence, protecting it from moisture. These bags also have adhesive seals that help protect the items inside them even during a flood. Below are the reasons that should make you store your ammo in vacuum-sealed plastic bags.

  • These bags do not react with many materials and chemicals.
  • They are non-porous.
  • These bags do not conduct electricity.
  • You can easily organize your ammunition when you store it in vacuum-sealed bags.

Store Your Ammo in Plastic Storage Boxes

A plastic ammo storage box is another option when it comes to ammo storage. You should store your ammo in such a box if you will often need to transport the ammo. These storage boxes are usually lighter than metal ammo storage boxes. However, you should not use them for long-term ammo storage as they may deform over time.

When choosing a plastic ammo storage box, you should check the box to ensure that it has a water-resistant O-ring seal. The seal will help keep your ammo safe and dry. The storage box should also have a heavy-duty handle and a good-quality brass latch.


You need to be quite careful when it comes to ammo storage. For instance, you should ensure that you protect your ammo from temperature fluctuations and moisture. That is why you need to store your ammo in vacuum-sealed bags, airtight ammo storage cans, or wooden ammo storage containers. Hopefully, the aforementioned ammo storage ideas help you safely store your ammo.

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