Is It Better to Store Ammo Loose or In Its Box?

Ammunition is put in the hazard divisions category because it causes a lot of harm in an accident. There have been over 60 unwanted blasts due to a lack of proper storage. If you can afford ammo, you should go all out to keep it safe. You should treat the box and ammo safely if you want them to last longer. So should you store ammo loose or in its box?

Leaving your ammo in open places will reduce the shelf’s span. It would be best to keep the ammo organized in a box because this will prevent unwanted movement. These boxes make sure the ammo gets no humidity or moisture, and this prevents corrosion. Most gun owners know that proper storage is an essential determinant of how safe the ammo will be.

Below are tips on storing ammo, the best places you should store them, and the precautions to follow in case of an unwanted fire:

What Are The Best Places To Keep Your Ammo?

Most people ask whether they should ammo loose or in box. There are several ammo storage tips, all of which are simple and prolong their span. It is advisable to store ammo in cool and dark places. Therefore, this alone can make them last for centuries.

Keep ammo in cool places

You should store ammo in cool and dark places to extend its span. Please avoid storing them in cold areas. High temperatures cause damage to the primer, a vulnerable section in the ammo.

A primer will fail to work if it acquires any moisture due to temperature changes. Likewise, your ammunition will become less viable when you expose them to high temperatures, meaning they will not function well.

Store them in cans

Basements were used to store ammunition because it is easy to predict ground temperatures than air temperatures. Although, this has changed in the modern world. It has made it important to buy storage that can shelter your ammo. These containers also make sure your ammo is dry and clean.

Another benefit of storing your ammo in a can is they are always still. This stillness keeps them safe from scratches and dents. It also keeps the ammo organized. You can reach your ammo with ease if they are organized. Putting your ammo in a can will also help you to know how many are in each segment.

Please put them in dark places

The Ultra Violet light destroys many things. Prolonged periods under the sun lead to fatal UV rays that destroy almost every item. You will deteriorate your vehicle’s paint if you leave it open under the sun. These UV rays destroy your ammo with time. The advantage is that the majority of indoor spaces will work fine. It would help if you tried storing the ammo in your basement or pantry.

Places You Can Hold Ammo

Ammo is manufactured to last even in the most extreme conditions like excess cold and humidity. If you can control the amount of heat or humidity in places where you store the ammo, they could last for over 10 years. It would be best to store ammo in places with low humidity and standard temperatures. Having ammo loose or in box matters. Placing the boxes in ammo cans provide organization and longevity.

It would help if you were twice as careful during summer and winter, especially when the temperatures become adverse. this is because high temperatures can make nitrocellulose ineffective. Nitrocellulose is a component in the gun powder. Suppose there are extreme temperatures, the ammunition might sweat. Therefore, this converts the nitrocellulose into a gas state.

Please note that the main reason you should store the ammo is to ensure it lasts for decades. It is, therefore, necessary to have full control during storage. You can try out the following:

Name the storage cans

Please make sure you label the storage containers well to enable you to identify them with ease. Naming these cans will help you make an inventory and reach the ammo fast during emergencies. You will not have to open many cans looking for the correct one if you need ammo for an 11 rifle.

Keep moisture out using clay desiccant

Desiccants are substances that absorb moisture or water. Some desiccants achieve this using chemical. An example of these desiccants is sodium bentonite. This component is made from clay, and it absorbs water fast. You can buy it in Desi-Park form. These desiccants are expensive, but they will keep the place free from moisture.

After you make sure your ammo is safe, you should visit it frequently. During these checkups, you should look out for any corrosion or exposure to heat. Again, it would be best to use clear plastic in the seal. Therefore, this will save you the hustle you went through concealing the ammo from outside.

Store the ammunition away from children

The worst nightmare to any gun owner is the ammunition landing in a child’s hands. You will lower the chances of unauthorized people touching your ammo if you store them in secure places.

 Please conceal the ammo in hard-to-reach places. By so doing, you will prevent unwanted accidents suppose children access them.

What Are The Ideal Temperatures To Store Your Ammunition?

Cold or warm temperatures do not affect the ammo. However, it would help if you shunned high temperatures as you store them. The standard temperature ranges from 56 degrees to 86 degrees. It means that you should not keep the ammo in cars or sheds.

How Should You Hold Ammunition In Case Of A Fire?

Fire outbreaks cause heat that might make the ammo explode. It makes the fire more extreme. Bigger ammo calibers pose higher explosion chances. It would be great to call the authorities or bomb squad in case of a fire outbreak. They will handle the situation before it gets worse.

It would help if you stored your ammunition in a wood box and a moist-free place because wood is a poor conductor of heat. Please shun metal cans because they will increase the chances of heat ignition. Also, ensure you have insulation. Finally, please set up a fireproof place to store your ammo acknowledging that once the heat is there, your ammo is at risk. It is more that the fireproof capabilities will only buy time to put the fire out until the heat raises and you have a dangerous situation. Its far more fire resistant than fireproof.

You might also consider storing the ammo beneath levels where fire can intensify. The above tips should answer whether you should store ammo lose or in box.

Can Stored Ammo Go Off?

Stored ammunition cannot go off unprovoked. On the other hand, loose ammo is secure because you need to hit the primer with force to shoot.

Buying ammunition is one thing, and knowing how to store it is another. Some people do not know whether to store ammo loose or in box. Storage should be the most important factor. It has to be the primary task after you buy your ammunition. You will prevent unwanted injuries or cases if you store your ammo well.

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