Can You Store Ammo in a Storage Unit?

Storage of ammo comes at a risk. Anybody that willing to store it should be ready to bear the risks. Circumstances can force you to store your ammo away from home. Which leads to questions around if you can store ammo in a storage unit.

You could be traveling overseas, worried about your children’s safety, running out of storage space at home, or simply taking precautions against possible theft of ammo. Whatever the case, finding a storage unit that can accept ammo is not easy. Let us see why this is the case and discuss the available alternatives for ammo storage.

Storage Units for Ammo

It is a lot easier to find a storage unit for guns than for ammo. Even so, many storage companies refuse to store firearms of any kind. Ammo storage should be a top-secret to avoid theft.

Highly secure storage units store ammo. Companies that accept ammo have more considerations for ammo than for the storage of ordinary household items.

Ammunition is in the category of explosives. Therefore, even secure storage companies may not allow you to store-ammo in a storage unit.

However, since companies have different policies, it is essential to read the policies and rules of each company to see which kinds of ammo they allow.

There are situations where gun owners violate those rules by storing ammo when the company does not allow it. In such cases, the gun owner puts themselves at significant risk. When discovered, you could lose the storage facility or your valuables. Additionally, if an explosion happens, you would be liable.

To be on the safe side, always check whether the storage company allows you to store ammo in a storage unit.

If a company allows you to store ammo-in a storage unit, you would still have to consider the best option. For instance, the storage environment could be unfavorable for ammo, and the safety level could be substandard.

Here are some of the pros and cons of storing ammo in a storage unit.

Pros of Storing Ammo in a Storage Unit

  • It provides you with extra space, especially if you live in a small rented apartment. If you are a gun collector, you may use the extra space to store some of your ammo.
  • Your kids at home will be safe since they have no access to ammo.
  • If your home is being renovated or you are sharing your house with other people, you can remove the ammo from the home.
  • It can be convenient if you are traveling away from home for a long time.
  • It provides you with a backup storage. If you lose your ammo at home for whatever reason, you can always get the ones in the backup.
  • Storage risk is on the company that accepts to store your ammo.

Cons of Storing Ammo in a Storage Unit

  • There are security concerns since some of them have reported theft cases.
  • You have to pay a monthly rent that adds to your expenses. A cheaper storage unit would probably be less secure than an expensive one.
  • Some storage units may not have regulated environmental conditions that are favorable for ammo.
  • If your rent falls behind, you may lose your ammo through auction.
  • It creates inconvenience when you need to use the ammo, but it may not be readily

Specialized Storage Units for Ammo

Not all storage units are insecure. Look for one that has full-time security and facilities such as CCTV cameras and motion sensors.

Some of these secure storage units may still not accept ammo storage. That is why it is crucial to consider a specialized storage facility for ammo.

A few companies allow you to store ammo in a storage unit. Some of them include Gunsitters and US Hazmat Rentals.

These companies will either store the ammo for you or rent a storage facility to you. They are more secure, and their storage facilities specifically for ammo. Therefore, the storage environment is well-taken care of to ensure your ammo does not go bad.

Its critical to rent a climate controlled storage unit due to the damage humidity can have upon your ammo.

The main downside is likely to be the cost and accessibility of the storage facility. Gunsitters may be suitable for individuals looking to store ammo in a storage unit.

The US Hazmat Rentals would be suitable if you have a lot of ammo to store. Private companies dealing with security would also benefit from this kind of storage.

Alternative Ways to Store Ammo

At times, you may not be able to access a storage unit that accepts ammo. You may try lending them to a friend or a family member who owns an ammo storage unit. Lend them to a person who would be comfortable having ammo in the house and one who is trustworthy.

According to the Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol, Firearms and Explosives, it is legal to lend ammo to other people for sporting events. The person you are lending does not need to be a licensed gun owner, but they must be of legal age.

The law should not prohibit from owning ammo and firearms at legal age. You should not have any reasons to believe that they should not hold firearms.

The other alternative is buying an ammunition cabinet. A good ammo cabinet might look expensive at first, but it can save you money from renting a storage unit. It is also convenient since you can keep it in your house to access your ammo easily.

You can also consider keeping ammo in a gun shop or gun club. Some members of shooting clubs leave their ammo and guns at the gun club. You can check whether your gun club can accept to store your ammo for some time. A gun shop can be a good place if you can agree with the shop owner

In some areas, pawnshops help store ammo. The primary role of a pawnshop is to lend money based on valuable items. If you provide your ammo as the required valuable item, it can stay in the pawnshop for a while. Be careful not to take too long as the shop owner might give it away.


Many storage units do not allow people to store guns or ammo. Some will enable you to store unloaded guns that have a lock. A few companies provide safe ammo storage, but it may come at a cost.

If you cannot find a storage unit that accepts ammo, you may try other options, such as lending to a family member or a friend who has an ammo storage unit. Always ensure that the storage method you use is legal and safe.

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