What is the Best Humidity for Ammo Storage?

Storing your ammunition well is as important as keeping your guns well. Damaged ammo can cause unwanted injuries. Corrosion in the ammo might cause misfires that might be hard to defend. It would help if you kept the ammo in good condition to keep you safe when shooting. Therefore, this is why it is essential to store the ammo in the appropriate places. Specifically, you need to ensure you have the best humidity for ammo storage.

All gun owners know that proper storage is the primary thing to do if they want their guns to last. The same applies to ammo storage. It would be significant to have ammo boxes that will help you store them well. It might come as a shocker that your ammo might go “bad” if you do not keep it well.

Nevertheless, ammunition is manufactured to survive even the extreme conditions. However, you can follow specific steps to make sure they last longer. It is trickier to store the ammo at home because you will deal with various challenges like humidity and heat.

Check out the best humidity for gun storage for tips specific for guns and humidity.

How Should You Store Ammo?

Ammo can last years if you store it well and you have the correct humidity for ammo storage. However, some practices will help you prolong their lifespan. They include:

Storing the Ammo in Dry Areas

Chances are you have already come across the term “keep the gun powder dry.” Storing the ammo in dry places is the first step in making sure the ammo lasts. Ammunition does not do well in moist areas. Such is because it might rust. Moisture damages the primer and makes the powder ineffective.

You can also shun the corrosion hassle if you store them in the right place. Please note that good ammo is essential, especially in case of an emergency. You do not want to have shooting delays right in front of your enemies. Besides avoiding moist areas, do not keep your ammo at places with high humidity. Such places are the basement or parking lots.

You will keep the ammo dry if you store them in moist-free areas. It is advisable not to store them on the floor because they will absorb moisture. Instead, put them in a store. You can use a hygrometer or any other device that will help you determine whether you should store them there.

Keep the Ammo in Cool Places and Aim for 50% or Less Humidity

You will enhance the lifespan of your bullets if you store them in cool places. Please shun storing the ammo in vehicles or sheds because these places have high humidity levels. You can use the modern ammo even in the harshest conditions, meaning it is not only cold that will destroy them.

Extreme temperatures can damage the primer, and it will lead to weak shots. The damage extent depends on the temperatures and how you store them. The best humidity for ammo storage is less than 50% with a temperature between 56 degrees to 86 degrees. The less humidity the better, so aim for room temperature with low humidity.

Store Ammo in Dark Places

Most of us know that ultraviolet rays are harmful. These rays have the same effect on the bullet as on the skin or a car. You will keep the ammo safe from these rays if you store them in concealed places like a safe. Please note that the container you also use matters. It would be great to use a solid seal over a plastic one. Such is because it will help prevent unwanted light from reaching the bullet.

New vs. Old Ammo

The term “shelf life” is used in the gun world. Shelf life is how long you can store your ammo, and it will still work. Most ammo companies state that their ammo can last for decades if you keep them well. There are updated primers that can hold their chemical components for over 20 years – only if you store them in their original packaging.

Modern ammo produces a smokeless powder upon shooting, and their production began after the 1940s. Such ammo is still available in the market, and they can last longer if you store them well.

How Should You Store the Gunpowder?

There are two types of ammo in the modern world, Black Powder and Smokeless Powder. Black Powder is one of the most ancient gunpowder, but synthetic powder is becoming common. These ammunitions produce little smoke when you shoot, not like the Black Powder. However, Smokeless Powder is a new addition to the market.

The latest ammo has more stabilizers that enhance the shooting experience. It would be best to test the powder in storage to know the remaining stabilizer levels. Such is essential because the powder might ignite itself if it depletes.

Ammo Storing Tips

Storing your ammo well has many advantages like:

  • They will last longer
  • You can easily access the ammo
  • You will prevent unwanted accidents.

Here are some ammo storage tips.

Label the Ammo Well

It is bold for you to assume you have an excellent memory. Even though you memorize things well, you should label your ammo well before storing them to help you access them fast. You can also try to color-code your ammo after labeling. Therefore, this will help you stay on track with the bullets you need to use and how long you have stored them.

Put Ammo in Containers

It is advisable to put your ammo in its original case if you want to prolong its lifespan. However, these cases can absorb moisture sometimes. It would help if you made sure these rounds do not make contact, as this will keep the bullet heads free from damage.

The majority of plastic and metallic ammo have a watertight feature that is great for ammo storage. First, you should confirm whether the rubber gasket is in good shape because it might tear with time. Although, this might expose the ammunition to moisture.

Regulate Moisture

Even if you stay at a place with high humidity, you can follow specific steps to prevent moisture from destroying the ammo. It would be best to use desiccants like silica gel to get rid of the surrounding humidity.

It is also advisable not to use wooden boxes and sawdust in storage because they will absorb moisture. A far better to use dehumidifiers to regulate the air and keep the storage area dry. All these factors will prolong the ammo’s lifespan. An excellent humidity for ammo storage can go a long way in extending their lifespan.


Your primary duty as a gun owner is to store your firearm and ammo in the right places. Such places are like in a vault where nobody can reach them. Well-stored ammo lasts long, and they keep you safe from unwanted accidents. The modern ammo can last for decades, but you can follow some steps to prolong its longevity. Storing with the best humidity for ammo storage is a great start.

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